Red Wiggler Compost Worm Eggs Cocoons

I was just out checking out my compost worm bins and turned up a few compost worm eggs. What you see as red wiggler eggs are actually cocoons or egg cases that contain roughly 5-12 actual eggs.

When red wiggler egg cocoons are first laid they’re a rather pale yellow color which really stands out against the dark compost. As they mature, they change to more of a reddish-brown that’s a bit more difficult to spot.

If you’re seeing red wiggler eggs in your worm bin — congratulations! You’re providing a good enough environment for your compost worms that they’re able to breed. Speaking from experience, it’s pretty exciting when you first see eggs/cocoons in your worm bin. At that point, you’re well on your way to increasing your worm herd. 🙂

It’s sometimes possible to buy red wiggler compost worm eggs directly online, but it’s much more common to buy live compost worms. If you find red wiggler cocoons in with your worms when you buy them, great! That just means you’ve gotten a lot of potential baby worms to grow up in your worm bin.