SpongeBob Squarepants Kids 4 Piece Kids Garden Glove & Accessory Combo Pack

How about something for the kids when they want to help you in the garden and with the composting bin.

This Kids Garden Accessory Kit features Spongebob Squarepants from the Nick Jr television show. Included is Spongebob kids sized gripper gloves, Spongebob kids sized bucket hat, Spongebob garden trowel and a Spongebob garden cultivator. For all the times that your children want to help you in the garden, they will absolutely love the very sought after Spongebob licensed products that enable them to work or play beside you in the garden. Great item for encouraging worm composting for kids
[azon_inpost asin=”B000BK8PLU” tpl=”tpl_1″]Nickelodeon SpongeBob Kids 4 Piece Kids Garden Glove and Accessory Combo Pack, SS4P05, Size: Kids[/azon_inpost]