The Miracle-Gro Compost Tumbler

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The Miracle-Gro Composter

A composter review. It’s a lovely fall evening here at my backyard. It’s gonna freeze tonight but I’m pretty sure that it’s not pointless to add a bit more to this composter here. This is the Miracle-Gro dual chamber tumbling composter and I set it that way because I am reading it off the instructions. This is a pretty good composter. I’m very very pleased with it.

Miracle-Gro composter

Here I mean pop this open and I’ve already got a bunch of stuff in here. I’ve got some grass and some leaves and some pine needles. Let’s add some stuff from the kitchen. We get banana peel, eggshells, more banana peel, more eggshells. What’s that doing in there. Potato skins and some other stuff from the kitchen.

Composter Operation

This is the second batch I’ve actually been making with this composter. The first one still in here and it’s taking a little while to develop. I think that’s more of an issue of me not getting the right germs going in there otherwise it has been excellent. This composter has a nice metal frame for me all right yeah. I’ve got it right here next to my garden planter and the air conditioner and I’ve got this nice level piece of ground and this has been a great composter so far the frame is metal and has not had one bit of problem with buckling or any sorts of failure.

The body panels came together just fine. Here I’ll show you the assembly time-lapse. Yeah as you can see from the assembly time lapse there is a great way this thing’s packed into a flat box and shipped to your home and you just assemble it right there. It doesn’t matter quite a bit. I almost installed these doors backwards. See how they open up the side. I almost install them to where they opened this way which would have been my own darn mistake. Now the instructions warned me not to but I didn’t pay enough attention so shame on me. Also I’m sorry Miracle-Gro I put your sticker on upside down but hey it looks great doesn’t it.


I totally recommend this composter. It is making great stuff for my garden and I’ve got a lot of really good stuff fermenting in here that I know will be good for the garden come spring next year

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