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The Miracle-Gro Compost Tumbler

ContentsThe Miracle-Gro ComposterComposter OperationVerdictThe Miracle-Gro Composter A composter review. It’s a lovely fall evening here at my backyard. It’s gonna freeze tonight but I’m pretty sure that it’s not pointless to add a bit more to this composter here. This is the Miracle-Gro dual chamber tumbling composter and I set it that way because I

What to Feed A Growing Red Wiggler Population

ContentsWhat to Feed A Growing Red Wiggler PopulationRight ConditionsRed Wiggler Feeding RegimeFree ResourcesRed Wiggler Food PreparationFuture PlansWhat to Feed A Growing Red Wiggler Population Nothing is better for garden soil than worm castings. We use them in our seed starting mix. We add them by the bucket to our garden beds in the spring and