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Worm Composting: How to Make a Wormery

ContentsWorm compostingWormeriesAssemblyAdd the wormsAvoid citrus and garlicWorm composting Worm Composting. Wonderful, wondrous wiggling worms -they’re just magnificent and the starting point to healthy soil and awesome compost. Traditional compost heaps like this one here are full of them, but there is another way to turn kitchen scraps and weeds into nutrient-dense goodness – by using

Backyard Vermicomposting Essentials

ContentsVermicompting essentialsVermicompostingRed wigglersWorm castingsTumbling compostersVermicompting essentials Vermicomposting Now Vermicomposting is a type of composting in which certain species of worms are used to enhance the process of organic waste conversion and produce a better end-product. It is the process of using worms and micro-organisms to turn kitchen waste into a black, earthy-smelling, nutrient-rich humus. Small-scale

What to Feed A Growing Red Wiggler Population

ContentsWhat to Feed A Growing Red Wiggler PopulationRight ConditionsRed Wiggler Feeding RegimeFree ResourcesRed Wiggler Food PreparationFuture PlansWhat to Feed A Growing Red Wiggler Population Nothing is better for garden soil than worm castings. We use them in our seed starting mix. We add them by the bucket to our garden beds in the spring and

How to Grow Red Worms and Make the Best Fertilizer

How to Grow Red Worms and Make the Best Fertilizer I am here in Chicago, Illinois and I’m at a cool place and no, it’s not a farm you can see behind me. They are not like really growing stuff here. Well actually, they are growing something in here. They are growing worms and making

Premium Worm Castings – Master Organic Soil Solutions 33 lb Bag

Premium Worm Castings – Master Organic Soil Solutions 33 lb Bag If you are just setting up your composting operation but need worm castings now we recommend this product. You’ve probably tried others. We think that this is the best. The sellers say that these are the finest worm castings on the market and indeed

Worm Castings / Vermicompost

Worm Castings / Vermicompost Most people who keep red wiggler compost worms do so for the nutrient-rich worm castings or vermicompost (worm poop) that is the end result of worm composting. We recently harvested one of our smaller worm bins, and took photos of the worm castings before using them in our garden. Vermicompost is