Vermicomposting Resources

Vermicomposting Resources

As with so many topics, there is a ton of information on the Internet about vermicomposting and vermiculture. The challenge is separating the good information from the bad. There are many, many people simply repeating information they found elsewhere without testing it or verifying its truthfulness.

Here are a number of resources which we feel have been developed by people who truly understand what it takes to be successful with vermicomposting.

Book: Recycle With Earthworms: The Red Wiggler Connection

Our current favorite book on the topic. Not as cute as “Worms Eat My Garbage” by Mary Appelhof, but seems to be more informative and written by people with more experience in larger-scale vermicomposting (in addition to small-scale home bins). Having said that though, the current ‘Worms Eat My Garbage” is a 35th anniversary edition and so should be even better than before.

Vermicomposting Horse Manure
Discusses large-scale use of vermicomposting with Eisenia fetida to process horse manure. Published by the Colorado State University Extension

Got other good resources? Please post below, or tell us via our Contact Page. Thanks!